Expert Collections

How We Operate



We place all accounts over $50.00 on Experian and Trans-Union, which increases the likelihood of collection for over six years.                                                                




We have an attorney on retainer. We will sue a debtor if the circumstances warrant, and if you authorize a lawsuit. In most cases, we will advance all court costs and attorney fees, which are reimbursed to us from money collected. 


We will not accept any compromise settlement without your prior approval. We will inform you of any reasonable compromise settlement along with a review of the facts and our recommendation.                                                     

Collection rates

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in regard to the rate. However, we feel the net amount returned to you is much more important than the rate involved. If there is no collection, there will be no fee. It is our desire to substantially improve the collection ratio for our clients in order to create a long and mutually beneficial association. We pride ourselves in providing personal service to you. Our goal with you, as with all our clients, is not to become just your collection agency, but rather an integral part of your organization. References will be provided upon request.