Modern adjustment bureau

Professional Collections

Since 1953


Founded in Los Angeles in 1953

Modern Adjustment Bureau is ready to help you collect your past-due accounts. Through the decades, our experience and knowledge has allowed us to achieve a prominent position in the collection industry. We are a collection agency that has earned the trust and respect of many well-known clients, and have had long-term relationships with many of these clients. 

We are a member of and bonded by ACA International (formerly the American Collectors Association) as well as a member of the California Association of Collectors. 

Our Southern California office is staffed with experienced, professional managers and well-trained collectors. Each of our collectors is experienced in all phases of collection activity. We adhere to the requirements of the FDCPA and other related laws. 




(818) 980-7410

Photo by MattGush/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by MattGush/iStock / Getty Images